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Applying vinyl stickers

I wanted to  give a brief instructional on how to apply die cut vinyl stickers. My goal is to make sure you are successful in getting your new stickers onto whatever location you choose. Keep in mind that vinyl does not stick to every surface. Some of the more porous surfaces you have been able to get a regular printed sticker to hold you could find these might not work out so well.

For best results, find a glass-like surface and clean it with rubbing alcohol before applying your sticker. 

Step 1:
Peel back the transfer tape layer to lift the vinyl decal from the backing paper

Step 2:
Line up the decal on a clean surface and begin pressing the sticker down starting from the center and working your way out to the edge. This will help prevent bubbles! (note: skip to the end on tips for removing bubbles)

Step 3:
Roll the corner of the transfer tape back on itself to make it easier to remove with out lifting the sticker.

Step 4:
Press down any lifted spots and enjoy your sticker!



Sticker wont come off the paper?
Run your finger nail or a credit card on the top of the transfer tape to get a better hold of the sticker. Try rolling the backing paper off the backside of the decal as well.

Sticker keeps lifting off the surface when  removing the transfer tape?
Use a credit card or similar to press the sticker into the surface evenly. The surface might have oils on it from your hands or manufacturing. Clean it with rubbing alcohol. Try rolling the transfer tape back on itself and if it starts to lift, use a finger nail to press it back into the surface.

I ended up with a bubble under the decal!
First try and “rub” it toward an edge. If its too far or small, you can try hitting the sticker with heat. Last resort would be to pop it with a needle and try to get it down.

How do I line up this decal?
You can use a strip of masking tape as a guide, wax pencil, crayon, or chaulk also work – something easily wiped off after. I find the following method very easy and reliable however – I put together a step by step here:

I totally screwed up my sticker!
Email me. I will get you a new one.